Micro DVD Player 1.2

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Micro DVD Player is a free DVD player

If you are a big fan of movies, you will probably have a large collection of them, many of which will be on DVD. You have by now also probably started either downloading movies, or streaming them live from the Internet. This will make you realize that by having a digital copy you can transfer them to a portable device like an iPad, iPhone etc and watch them anywhere. But what about the DVDs? This is where you need to rip the contents and then watch them using Micro DVD Player. As the name might suggest to you, Micro DVD Player is a free DVD player which supports various formats and has a very intuitive interface.

Micro DVD Player is very easy to use and learn all its functions, which are covered by just a few buttons. It also has hints and tips that pop up as you work on your discs and hold the mouse over each button. These functions allow you to customize areas like the layout, menu, subtitles, codec, etc. Perhaps the best function is the menu one which displays the menu very similarly to the original disc.

Micro DVD Player has four modes to load a video: from a DVD disc, from your hard drive, from Quick-INI or from a video playlist just like any other media player.

So now you know. Micro DVD Player is easy to use, does a good job and takes up little disk space... and the best part is it`s free


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